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When you join the "Armchair Income" postcard mailing program, you will receive in the mail a Welcome Kit with your Personalized ID#, FREE Postcards and FREE Leads on peel and stick labels, based on the level you join...


 Armchair Income Welcome Kit

If you join "Armchair Income" at the $155 Lazy Boy Level and then you get Chris to join your team, then you will earn a 1st Level commission of $40, but that's not the best part yet, now when Chris gets Mary to join his team at the same $155 level, you will earn an override 2nd Level commission of $100, so the more people you get to join your team, you will then benefit and earn override commissions from the efforts of all your team members, this is where the money is, your income potential with "Armchair Income" is unlimited!
Me Getting Ready To Mail Out 50 Armchair Income Postcards

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